Limited Time: Get 30% off 3 or more items with code THIRTYOFF
Limited Time: Get 30% off 3 or more items with code THIRTYOFF


What size are your headbands?

Our headbands have a circumference of approximately 18 inches with a good stretch, and are 2.5-3 inches wide in the widest part. Custom sizes are available upon request for any age!

What material are your headbands?

We use a variety of jersey knit fabrics with both 2 and 4 way stretch. All fabrics are tested on both a sedentary and active day to make sure they are fit for everything from lounging on the couch to a spin class and in between.

How should I clean my headband?

We recommend hand washing all headbands in warm water with a mild detergent and laying flat to dry. Tied styles should be untied and laid flat and not retied until fully dry to maintain shape.

What are your totes made with?

We use a cotton tote and Oracal 651 Heat Transfer Vinyl. We double cure them to ensure longevity and quality and prevent any lifting of the vinyl.

How should I clean my tote?

We recommend that you wash your tote inside out with your dark colored laundry in cold water and laid flat to dry. Should you need to iron, do so inside out on low heat with a protective barrier such as a towel or tee shirt between the iron and the tote. Do not use steam.